To the lovely FOX!

Submitted by Behrad Khodayar on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 12:02


Just got an email from Mozilla foundation, (which they usually send when someone logins to his/her Firefox browser to synchronize it with other devices of his/her own). I'm pasting it here for the sake of what Mozilla has done during these years:

It's your Internet — take control. You are not a product — you are a fearless explorer on the open web. By choosing Firefox, you are standing for an Internet for the many, not the few.

"But all browsers are the same...right?" Besides being a super-charged modern browser, Firefox is a big part of Mozilla's quest for user control and equal access to all of the Internet. As you explore the web, we're here to help you find new roads, without getting tracked.

Firefox exists because people like you are saying "yes" to a free and open web and "no, thanks" to growing corporate power. We'll keep you posted with helpful (and pretty easy) ways to stay free.

We've got your back,
The Firefox Team

If you believe in free internet or don't like to share the footprint of your web surfing habits with a company(!), Its time to Say goodbye to the corporate browsers.


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